Handmade vintage inspired jewelry

About F+M

​​My name is Jason Foster and I am a Seattle based lapidary artisan. Ever since I cut into my first rock, my appreciation for stones, minerals and jewelry, has turned into my passion. Although, I’m not the first member of my family to look at stones so lovingly.

My grandmother Mary Foster, an avid rock hound, amassed a staggering collection of stones and minerals during her lifetime. Not only was she a personal collector, she was an active member of multiple lapidary societies. Following in her footsteps, I myself have gotten involved with the lapidary community, and occasionally use some rocks from her collection, knowing she’d enjoy them being put to good use.

I am proud to be a part of the lapidary community and truly admire the beautiful things nature creates. Being able to transform a part of that beauty into something a person can wear and admire is such a rewarding experience. I love stones and minerals, I love the art of jewelry and I love what I do.

My name is Kim Merritt and I am a Seattle based metal-smith. In 2006 I graduated from a Jewelry school in Winter Park Florida, but that was not the start of my love affair with jewelry.  

I discovered jewelry early on as a kid; plastic bangles, hair-clips, necklaces, earrings and the list goes on. When I entered my teenage years I began to explore the world of fashion, which inspired me to revamp my jewelry collection and even begin to create my own. What began as a hobby grew into a passionate career focused drive. 

In between school and work, researching antique and vintage jewelry became a pastime. This led to an antique jewelry obsession. This was the beginning spark that grew into what FosterMerritt is today, vintage inspired heirloom-quality jewelry.