Handmade vintage inspired jewelry

Our Mission

Foster-Merritt is heirloom-quality wearable art jewelry, infused with the aesthetic of Mid-Century American Studio period jewelry (mid-1930’s-early1970’s)


Inspired to create jewelry as a call-back to the artists working during their grandparent’s younger days, Foster-Merritt designs are named after these muses from history.


Retaining the core values of the mid-century studio artists is inherent to the process; starting with designs using the modernists’ simple, clean lines, the designs are hand-carved into wax then cast and paired with hand-cut semi-precious stones.


The result? Wearable-art,  destined to last generations, created in honor of a vibrant lineage of artisan jewelry-crafting.

The duo behind Foster-Merritt  are each independent jewelry artisans, Kim Merritt, known for her unique hand-fabricated sterling silver and copper Gritty Jewelry line, and Jason Foster is the lapidary-artisan and creator behind the stunning jahason jewelry line.